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Election Day Madness and a Nationwide Voter Revolt: Here’s What to Expect on November 6

by Shawn M. Griffiths, published

In the latest episode of "In Full Color," I talk with IVN author Wes Messamore and IVC Media President Chad Peace on what independent-minded voters should be watching come Election Day.

In the episode we discuss a GOP secretary of state who explicitly called on voters to vote straight-ticket Republican days before the election. Yet as we know, this problem is not one-sided as partisan secretaries of state routinely make partisan statements and campaign with candidates.

Do we need more vigorous calls for election administration positions to be nonpartisan?

Meanwhile, the media is obsessed with polling to forecast the imminent "blue wave" or "red wave." But much like in 2016, pollsters continue to show that they are creatures of habit, and rely on some outdated methods that don't properly consider the rise in independents.

Are they doing it for partisan reasons? Most likely no, but are they still calling some races wrong?

And Wes, Chad, and I break down the races we are paying close attention to come Election Day, including some that could send shockwaves through the political landscape:

  • Debbie Wasserman Schultz could be neck and neck with independent Tim Canova, threatening her established political career. Wasserman Schultz, as many will recall, was at the center of the DNC / Bernie Sanders scandal, as top party officials practically handed the nomination to Hillary Clinton before a single vote was cast.
  • No Party Preference candidate Steve Poizner is in a strong position to be the first independent elected to statewide office in California history.
  • The 2018 midterms are the biggest year for pro-voter reform in half a century, and voters will have an opportunity to lead a nationwide revolt against a rigged system on Election Day.

Stay tuned for after the discussion as I interview Hedrick Smith, who created a one-hour documentary film called The People vs. The Politicians, which focuses on the historic nonpartisan reform movement gaining ground across the country. The People vs. The Politicians has been picked up by MSNBC.

Hedrick Smith spent decades in the field of journalism as a writer and editor for the New York Times, producer and correspondent for PBS' Frontline, and has written several books. Smith is also the founder of

In our interview, Smith and I specifically focus on Connecticut public financing reform for campaigns that he says has completely transformed the political landscape in the state to give voice to communities and issues previously ignored by the political elite in Hartford.

Watch the segment below:

Thanks for listening, and as always... stay independent!

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