IVN Podcast: League of Women Voters San Diego Talks November Races

Author: Jeff Powers
Created: 17 October, 2018
Updated: 21 November, 2022
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San Diego, CALIF.- The League of Women Voters San Diego is once again providing the community with important recommendations on ballot measures and candidates.

The League is a nonpartisan political organization, that encourages informed and active participation in government, works to increase understanding of major public policy issues, and influences public policy through education and advocacy.

Jeanne Brown is the Program Chair with the League. Jeanne joined the San Diego chapter in 2003.

The League of Women Voters Voter Guide can be found at votersedge.org, look for the "easy voter guide."

Brown joined us on our podcast to discuss the upcoming election.

49th Congressional District 

In a closely watched House election, Republican Diane Harkey is taking on Democrat Mike Levin. Polls have this race as being tightly contested. It was a district held for many years by Republican Darrell Issa.

Brown said, "we've got a contest partly because of redistricting because we have a commission, and in the past some of these districts there wasn't even a race. Now that the districts are more even, we have a race and it's good for democracy to look at two different candidates and choose the one that represents them the best. It's great to see a healthy race."

Measures G&E

SDSU West and  Soccer City are dueling for the plot of land in Mission Valley.

Of Measure E Brown noted, "The differences with E is that it's a lease. It's promised a soccer stadium but all of the things are promises, there are no guarantees, no environmental review. They can sublet the land, so it is handing over a valuable piece of property for one company to control."

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Of Measure G Brown noted, "The city would actually sell the land with the stadium, riverpark and campus expansion. There is no guarantee, but it is going through CEQA and ask for community input. I'd like people to know that if both of them get 50% then it's the measure that gets the most votes wins. If neither gets 50%, the process goes to the mayor for an RFP and then is considered by the San Diego City Council."

Measure D

The Full Voter Participation would do for the County of San Diego what Measures K and L did for the City of San Diego in 2016.

Brown said, "It does require that people get elected when the most people are participating. So no one could be elected at the primary. This would fit in with the City of San Diego elected offices as they have all been changed."

Measure H

Term limits for San Diego Unified School Board have not been in place. And there are arguments for and against.

Brown noted, "The incumbent has name recognition so many times candidates don't run against a school board member. This is making 3 4-term limits instead of 2 which is a compromise. And those limits begin in 2020, so people who have already served 3 terms, this won't impact them."

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