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CNN "Independent Voter" Panel on Trump Was A Setup

by Stefani Mills, published

Yesterday, CNN hosted it’s latest series “Pulse of the People.” The panel highlighted disgruntled independent voters who previously supported Donald Trump but were now regretting their decision.

This is the “Pulse of the People,” according to CNN. Only problem is, CNN fished for the very pulse they wanted to promote.

How do we know? Because the billion-dollar news empire asked us, a small non-profit digital news website, to help them find independent voters who “no longer support the President.”

Now, we are not saying that independent voters who were former Trump supporters don’t exist.

IVN rejected CNN’s request for us to do their work because it was clear that the panel was going to be spun to fit the blue, anti-Trump narrative that has become CNN’s compass.

IVN is not interested in partisan spin from any news outlet.

Independent voters come from all across the spectrum. Some conservative, some liberal. Some support Trump, some don’t. That is the point of being independent, not clinging to a label.

We’re not saying that CNN and other news outlets don’t have legitimate news and legitimate perspectives.

We’re just saying that CNN’s panel has little to do with giving its viewers the actual “Pulse of the People.”

UPDATE: For clarification, the article addresses the clear motivation of CNN to present a one-sided viewpoint. The fact that they ask for “some voters” that are not Trump supporters, yet did not include any in their show, proves my point, rather than dispels it. We declined CNN’s invitation for two reasons: (1) they have more resources than us, and we did not feel obligated to do their job, and, (2) we did not want to be accomplices to a show that is not actually a “pulse of the people.”

From the CNN’s own intro:

“I recently sat down with the all-important ‘independent voters.’ 5 of the people you’re about to meet voted for Donald Trump, but all of them are now very disappointed, so much so, every one of them is changing their party affiliation as a result of Donald Trump. And, all of them want to send a message with their midterm vote.”

Could they really not find a single Trump-supporting independent voter?

Finally, pointing out CNN’s bias does not condone nor support the partisan bias of any other. When we see it, we call it out. When you see me do it, call it out. Thank you for the feedback. The article is better for it with this clarification.

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