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Independents Disapprove of Democrats' Handling of Kavanaugh By 28% – Republicans By 21%

Created: 08 October, 2018
Updated: 21 November, 2022
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A CNN survey conducted from October 4-7 found that independent voters, as a group, markedly disapproved of both parties' handling of the Kavanaugh confirmation proceedings.

Even though 49 percent of independents polled did not want the Senate to confirm Judge Kavanaugh's nomination — while 37 percent wanted the Senate to confirm him — they still disapproved of the Democrats' handling of the proceedings by a 28 point margin (58% Disapprove / 30% Approve), and the Republicans' by 21 points (53% Disapprove / 32% approve).

These somewhat mixed results are difficult to decipher in terms of their effect on the election next month, and make for an excellent example of how independent voters are able to approach complex issues with sophistication and multi-faceted responses that take the many nuances of a political controversy into account.