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One of America's Top Newspapers Just Endorsed Ranked Choice Voting

by Shawn M. Griffiths, published

The Boston Globe published an editorial Tuesday, saying the Massachusetts Legislature "would be wise to adopt ranked-choice voting, coupled with a robust voter education campaign, for statewide elections."

The Globe writes:

"Ranked-choice voting comes with many advantages. It invites the electorate to weigh pluses and minuses of a broader slate of candidates. It eliminates the split among like-minded constituencies, which can in turn help to elect more diverse candidates. At a time when Massachusetts has the least diverse state legislature, ranked choice is an upgrade worth enacting."

In the election reform scene, ranked choice voting is the hottest topic right now. That is mostly due to its historic use at the state level in all primaries in Maine. The Globe writes that the system delivered on its promises in Maine -- "and did so at a reasonable added cost of only about $110,000, with none of the major controversies or chaos many of its critics predicted."

Massachusetts is a strong contender in the running to be the next state to follow in Maine's footsteps. Voter Choice Massachusetts is a robust and expansive grassroots network pushing for the state to carry the torch for the election reform after Maine's success.

Read the full Globe editorial here.

Listen to my full interview with Voter Choice Mass' Adam Friedman here.

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