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Former Sen. Tom Coburn: Ultra-Conservative or Ultra-Rational?

by T.J. O'Hara, published

Dr. Tom Coburn, a former member of both the United States Senate and the United States House of Representatives, joins host T.J. O’Hara on this edition of Deconstructed. He discusses the toxic political environment in Washington, D.C. and Congress’ continued resistance to assuming any degree of fiscal responsibility.

Often branded as an “ultra-conservative,” Dr. Coburn discusses the many times he reached across the aisle to try to solve problems in the areas of transparency, health care, and other vital interests. He also addresses the principled stand he took with respect to the War in Iraq and the concern he has for future generations due to our Nation’s mounting debt.

Dr. Coburn shares insights into what’s broken on the Hill and what needs to be done to fix it, including assuring a balanced budget, restoring limited powers, and imposing term limits.

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