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Is Massachusetts Carrying the Torch for Ranked Choice Voting?

Created: 26 July, 2018
Updated: 17 October, 2022
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My latest podcast interview is with Adam Friedman, the executive director of Voter Choice Massachusetts. Voter Choice Mass. is an expansive grassroots network of ranked choice voting advocates hosting several events across the state to educate voters about ranked choice voting.

Friedman says his organization is the largest effort in the nation to get ranked choice voting passed at the state level following the reform's success in Maine. He believes momentum will continue to grow for RCV, and that it is something we could eventually see in presidential elections.

There are a number of states vying to pass ranked choice voting next, and Massachusetts is strong in the running. Friedman says the group has built up support not only among voters, but Republican and Democratic leaders who could help Massachusetts be the first state to pass ranked choice voting in the state legislature.

Is Massachusetts next in line to implement ranked choice voting? Listen to the podcast above.