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Colorado Voters Could Soon Elect Their First Independent Congressman

Created: 23 July, 2018
Updated: 17 October, 2022
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BOULDER, COLO. - Nick Thomas, who has an opportunity to be Colorado's first independent congressman, has officially qualified for the November ballot in the state's 2nd Congressional District. Thomas submitted over 1,300 signatures of the 800 required, and the secretary of state has certified him for the ballot.

The 2nd Congressional District is currently represented by US Rep. Jared Polis. Polis is the Democratic nominee in the 2018 gubernatorial race, leaving his US House seat open for someone new.

Colorado CD-2 is considered "safe Democratic" by every ratings group. It is widely considered the most left-leaning district in Colorado and was gerrymandered to be a deep shade of blue.

However, registered independents vastly outnumber Republicans and Democrats. There are over 200,000 voters registered unaffiliated versus 177,000 Democrats and 137,000 Republicans. This means independent voters will have the most influential say in this election.

“This will be a tough race, but I’m in it for all the right reasons, and I think Coloradans are ready for a young, nonpartisan newcomer who will go to Washington and represent the people rather than a party,” said Thomas.

Thomas has never held elected office before, but has discussed the importance of public service in his life. It is part of his #CountryOverParty platform, which also includes:

  • Social tolerance and getting government out of people's private decisions;
  • Fiscal responsibility and balancing the federal budget;
  • Economic opportunity and helping small businesses;
  • Putting the nation's long-term interests above party interests; and
  • Environmental responsibility and tackling climate change.

"My campaign is gaining great momentum because it represents what most people truly want—choice and an effective, bipartisan Congress. I’m encouraged that my message of #CountryOverParty is resonating with a growing number of Coloradoans,” Thomas said.

Nick Thomas is running against three other candidates: Libertarian Roger Barris, Democrat Joe Neguse, and Republican Peter Yu. The candidates will share a stage on August 29 for the next candidate forum hosted by the Broomfield Chamber of Commerce.

Photo Credit: Castner Photography