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Biggest Names In Independent Movement to Unite for August Summit

by Shawn M. Griffiths, published

Independent candidates are making serious waves in 2018, challenging the two-party status quo in several states. Now, Unite America is bringing these candidates and other leaders of the independent movement together for the Unite Summit in August.

The Unite Summit will take place in downtown Denver on the weekend of August 17. The Mile-High City has become the epicenter of a growing movement -- an independent revolution that continues to make history in one state after another.

Speakers at the Summit will include:

  • Craig O'Dear, Missouri US Senate candidate;
  • Neal Simon, Maryland US Senate candidate;
  • Greg Orman, Kansas gubernatorial candidate;
  • Evan McMullin, 2016 independent presidential candidate;
  • Kyle Bailey, campaign manager for the historic Maine ranked choice voting measure and Clean Election gubernatorial candidate Terry Hayes;
  • Six-term US Rep. Brian Baird (Wash.);
  • Charles Wheelan, Unite America co-founder and Dartmouth professor;
  • And many, many more.

See the full list of speakers here.

"We're having the first-ever Unite really bring together the independent movement, so we get to know each other, organize with each other, strategize for the future, and accelerate the growth of what we are trying to pioneer in our politics -- an alternative to both political parties that can bridge the divide and get government working again," says Nick Troiano, Executive Director of Unite America.

Nick says the event has a "jam-packed 36-hour agenda" that will include panel discussions on topics like looking ahead to the 2020 presidential election. Attendees will hear from independent candidates and incumbents. Participants will also drive the discussion through TED Talk-like segments and an unconference.

See the full agenda here.

"This is a year where we are seeing more credible and competitive independent candidates up and down the ballot than at any time in memory," says Troiano. "We have an opportunity to demonstrate that independents not only can run, but they can win. So I think the timing is critical."

IVN will be on location for a full report on the event. And if you are interested in attending the event or want more information, go to IVN readers can also get 25% off tickets by going here.

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