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CO Letter to the Editor: Register as an Independent Voter Today

Created: 22 May, 2018
Updated: 21 November, 2022
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Writes an independent voter in New Castle, Colorado Monday:

"If you are a registered Democrat or Republican voter and are fed up with the two major parties, you should register to be an Independent/unaffiliated voter today. No worries, because Colorado now has an open primary system."

Oh really, Rocky Mountain "Letter to the Editor" writer?

Please tell your fellow Colorado voters more:

"If you are one of the millions of Americans who are fed up with the two major parties and you live in Durango or surrounding areas, join the Western Colorado Independent Voters (WCIV) today. Western Colorado Independent Voters are part of the Independent voting movement sweeping across America right now.

Our mission is to work for a more democratic election process in Colorado and America. Our mission now is to work for a top-two or ranked-choice primary election system. If Colorado can do this, we become one of the most democratic states in the nation.

Contact me, an Independent Voter Organizer, at 970-984-0843 for more information.

Randy Fricke

New Castle"

If there are any IVN readers in the Western Colorado area interested in mobilizing Colorado voters out of the two-party system and into clear, consistent, honest thinking about political issues without having to sweep anything under the rug to uphold a party brand (or to never give "the other" party any credit for anything)...

You may want to contact Randy and see how you can help.

As a matter of fact, the independent voter movement is on the verge of leading a revolution in Colorado, where it's already been a historic year for independent candidates, and where independent voters are the largest voting bloc.

Voters in the Mile High State are forward-thinking, entrepreneurial, innovative people with an open-mindedness about different and better ways of doing things.

A bid last year to close the Republican Party of Colorado's primary to non-affiliated voters was defeated with only 33 percent support, showing the fierceness of the independent ethos of Colorado voters, even partisan ones. As Colorado Politics reports:

"Starting in early June, Republicans will get a Republican primary ballot in the mail, and Democrats will get a Democratic primary ballot, but most unaffiliated voters will get one of each and have the opportunity to pick which one to fill out and return by the June 26 deadline."

So far it seems slightly more of the state's 1.2 million unaffiliated voters are requesting Democratic primary ballots rather than Republican ballots in this year's primary, which looks good for Democrats going into the November general election.

Fricke and other independent political activists in Colorado have their eye on moving from open primaries to a top-two open primary system like California's.

If they succeed in that, the independent voter movement in Colorado will move into a new stage of advancement, and the two parties will see their control over the political system evaporate.