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[Podcast] Facebook Helped us Communicate, But Failed to Bring Us Together

Author: John Opdycke
Created: 27 April, 2018
Updated: 21 November, 2022
1 min read

I sat down with Erin Mazursky, Founder and CEO of Rhize, to talk about her work as a movement builder and her experience as a Florida Obama for America organizer in 2008. It was a fascinating conversation.

We discussed the distinction between communication and collaboration (a distinction all to often obscured in today's social media obsessed world), the challenges and opportunities involved with bringing together people of different views and opinions to change the world, and "the pickle" that the Obama campaign faced in 2009 when transitioning from post-partisan movement to party-driven government.

Erin works with activists and advocates all over the globe and has much to say about moving forward and building creatively in a difficult world.

Enjoy this episode of The Pickle and please send your thoughts, comments and ideas to jopdycke@openprimaries.org.

Photo Credit: tongcom.photography / shutterstock.com