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EXCLUSIVE Podcast: Independent Businessman Greg Orman Takes on Both Parties in Run for Governor

by T.J. O'Hara, published

This week on Deconstructed, T.J.’s guest is Greg Orman, an independent candidate for governor in Kansas.

Orman discusses how his business background makes him well-suited for governing and problem solving, his refusal to take PAC or special interest money, the breakdown Orman’s 5 key priorities, and the challenges of running as an independent candidate.

Greg Orman is an established businessman an entrepreneur. In 2014, he ran a strong race as an independent Senate candidate and presented a serious challenge to the incumbent. Orman co-founded the Common Sense Coalition to give a voice to those with moderate opinions. Orman’s book “A Declaration of Independents” chronicles his own journey to becoming a political independent.

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