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CA Sec. of State Voter Guide: Governor Candidate Statements

by Jeff Powers, published

California's Secretary of State Alex Padilla has released the 2018 Voter Guide. The guide contains all relevant information related to the various propositions and candidate races voters will be asked to weigh in on this June.

This article will focus on the race for Governor and publish the statements that have been provided to the Secretary of State's office.

Robert C. Newman, II | REPUBLICAN

Pro: God, life, U.S. Constitution, Parental Rights, Property Rights, Business Limited: Government, Taxes, Regulations No: Geo-engineering, Con-Con

Delaine Eastin | DEMOCRATIC

Delaine Eastin is the only woman elected State Superintendent of Public Instruction, overseeing California’s schools and responsible for 40% of the state budget. During her 8-year tenure Delaine moved California’s per pupil spending from 47th to 27th in the nation by suing the governor for illegally withholding funds. Delaine is running for governor because California has lost its way. We rank 41st in the nation in per pupil spending, but 1st in per prisoner. The high costs of childcare, healthcare, housing, and college are crushing Californians. Budgets are statements of values. To rebuild our democracy, we need to invest in education and create an economy that works for everyone. As Governor, Delaine will foster jobs that pay living wages with equal pay; build affordable housing; provide universal healthcare; defend reproductive rights; protect immigrants; fight the climate crisis by banning fracking and transitioning to clean energy; invest in small businesses, affordable childcare, universal preschool, excellent public education, debt free college, career training. Delaine is endorsed by The National Women’s Political Caucus, the Young Democrats’ Environmental/Progressive Caucuses, the Feminist Majority, SF Berniecrats, Senators/Assemblymembers Dede Alpert, Joan Buchanan, Cecilia Aguiar-Curry, Loni Hancock and Lori Saldana, county supervisors, mayors, city councilmembers, school board members, Teachers of the Year, and thousands of everyday Californians because Delaine has the courage, vision and heart to lead our state. Delaine is the only candidate elected to statewide office, the Assembly and City Council in Union City, where there is a Delaine Eastin Elementary School. Delaine would be California’s first woman governor. E-mail: [email protected]

Gloria Estela La Riva | PEACE AND FREEDOM

For too long, corporations, banks and the Pentagon have dominated society. The result: Half of all people live in or near poverty. Housing cost is skyrocketing. Immigrants get scapegoated. The prison population and police repression grow. The environment is being destroyed. Enough! Vote socialist! Get involved!

Zoltan Istvan | LIBERTARIAN

As one of America’s leading libertarian politicians, I’m running for Governor to restore equality, fiscal responsibility, and prosperity to California. Born in Los Angeles, I’m an Ivy-league graduate, former National Geographic journalist, successful Bay Area entrepreneur, and one of the world’s top science and technology policy makers. A shortlisted potential running mate of Presidential candidate Governor Gary Johnson, I have the executive experience to lower taxes, end the drug war, defend your freedoms, and create new jobs. I’m pro-choice, pro-immigration, pro-small business, and secular. As a husband, father, and citizen, I share your values in seeing California restored with a powerful new vision. Vote Zoltan!

Yvonne Girard | REPUBLICAN

As a Veteran, and Governor, I will work to deregulate California and reduce taxes. I believe justice belongs to all; from babies in the womb, families of fallen Military and First Responders, to historical wrongs not fully amended for Japanese, Jewish, Armenian, Indigenous and African Americans. No child should ever live in hunger. All public K–12 student meals should be included in the cost to educate each student. I, Yvonne Girard, ask for your vote.

Christopher N. Carlson | GREEN

“Teach your children calculus And keep the planet safe Or feathered stones and empty bowls Will also be their fate”


For years, the Sacramento politicians have been socking it to middle class taxpayers and small business owners. Fueled by the corrupting influence of special interest money, career politicians have saddled us with among the highest income taxes, sales taxes, and gas taxes in the country. They have piled on so many taxes, fees and regulations, that they have made it impossible to build affordable housing, while driving thousands of businesses and good paying jobs out of state. I am a conservative small businessman running for Governor to roll back the tide of tax increases and job killing regulations that have made California unaffordable. I’m the only conservative in the race who both supports the 2nd Amendment and is endorsed by the California Pro-Life Council. On my first day in office, I’ll put an end to the Sanctuary State law that shelters illegal felons, and puts all of our families at risk. When our California congressional Republicans asked me to serve as Chairman of the real campaign to repeal the gas tax, I gladly accepted— because it’s time to fight back, and end the war on the middle class. Let’s liberate California from the corrupting influence of special interest money, and reclaim the California Dream. If you’re ready to join our movement, text reclaim to 99000, and follow me on Facebook. I can’t do this alone, but together, we can make California great again. I’m John Cox, Republican for Governor. E-mail: [email protected]

Josh Jones | GREEN

Corruption. Unaffordability. Waste. This has become normal. I will change it. We’re listening to you, with meetings in all 58 counties. A corporation is not a person and money is not speech. Trans rights: not extra rights for corporations. We need to protect pensions, social security, sustainable energy, groundwater reservoirs, gain UBI, housing, oil royalties, provide free college, ban prison slavery, fix DACA, ban fracking, achieve Single Payer. Vote Josh Jones, 4th generation Californian. Vote for human rights and strong leadership.

J. Bribiesca | DEMOCRATIC

I’m running for governor to make California better. I’m for the veterans, the homeless (I was homeless child), the seniors, the disabled and the youth of California. I represent the poor, middle class and those with no voice. I’m a proud American citizen, a retired medical doctor from Mexico, and the first immigrant from Mexico to run for Governor of California. I’m not a career politician. With your vote, I’ll fight for a better California using a common sense approach and promote prevention taking care of the causes to avoid costly consequences. Keeping our citizens safe, demand transparency, justice and accountability and respect for people’s rights by ethical and respectful conduct from all state employees and enforcing the law to all equally. Stop elected officials using their office for personal gain at taxpayers’ expense. Reducing regulations for economic growth, job creation. Fixing infrastructure. Lower gasoline and utility prices and encouraging renewable energy, protecting our environment. Fiscal conservative. Smaller and efficient government by reducing non-performing agencies. Affordable health care with lower drug and hospital costs. Demand better and free education. Respect women’s rights, families, diversity and freedom. E-mail: [email protected]

Amanda Renteria | DEMOCRATIC

Government works best when inspiring public servants do the people’s business with humility, enthusiasm, and skill. From Washington to Sacramento, we run into problems when politicians are allowed to buy their way into office and use their power for personal benefit. In order to run for office, I recently stepped down from the senior team at the California Department of Justice. As the DOJ’s Chief of Operations, I led a team of 1,000 dedicated public servants and managed an $850 million budget. The DOJ has locked up human traffickers, cracked down on polluters, protected immigrants’ rights, fought for women’s healthcare, shielding seniors from Medi-Cal fraud, and secured millions in student refunds from shady for-profit colleges. Prior to the DOJ, I was a math teacher in the Central Valley, a budget analyst for the City of San Jose, an economic policy adviser to Senator Feinstein, and the first Latina Chief of Staff in US Senate history. This gives me the deepest policy experience in the race, but mostly it shows that I’ve treated public service as a lifelong calling. Californians take pride in being on the frontiers of change in America. That’s why we can’t sit back any longer. We need fresh faces and new ideas this year. It’s time to shake things up. Learn more about our movement at

Travis Allen | REPUBLICAN

Born and raised in California, I’ve had amazing opportunities in this state. My wife and I are raising our daughters here. I became a financial advisor and started my own small business here. I was elected to the California Assembly six years ago. I’ve even had the chance to help break a Guinness World Record. I love California, and I’m proud to call it home; I want my daughters to have the California I grew up with. However, our state is threatened by high taxes, burdensome regulations, soft on crime policies, and low education standards. We need to take back California. I have a five point plan for California: 1) Cut taxes for all Californians; 2) Get tough on crime to protect California’s families, not criminals; 3) Fix our roads and reduce traffic by spending our existing tax revenue for high quality roads, not high speed rail; 4) Once again provide the best education in America by giving our children safe schools and charter schools; and 5) Complete the State Water Project to provide water storage that will preserve the Delta and supply water to California’s farms, suburbs, and cities. I have a proven track record. I authored the first effort to repeal California’s excessively high new gas tax and car tax, and I’ve earned “A” grades from the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association every single year I’ve been in the Assembly. As Governor, I’ll reverse California’s dangerous sanctuary state policies. Let’s take back California: Vote Travis Allen for Governor. E-mail: [email protected]

Akinyemi Agbede | DEMOCRATIC

Mission Statement—California Strong!

Desmond Silveira | NO PARTY PREFERENCE

Endorsed by American Solidarity Party, which stands for sanctity and dignity of human life, social justice, environmental stewardship, and peace.

Michael Shellenberger | DEMOCRATIC

Dear Friend, I am a lifelong progressive Democrat who has fought for social justice and the environment my entire life. I was awarded Time Magazine’s “Hero of the Environment” for telling the truth about climate change. I am running for governor to create abundant housing, good jobs, and world-class schools. Expensive housing is destroying the California Dream. We have America’s highest poverty rate and the greatest inequality. I have a bold new vision, “California for All”: Break up the corrupt Public Utilities Commission and clean up government contracting. Help communities across the state share the responsibility of building new homes. Create good jobs in high-tech manufacturing. Personalize education so every child benefits from one-on-one tutoring and digital learning. Pioneer cheap, clean energy and electric self-driving cars to prevent traffic jams and the deaths of more than three thousand Californians yearly. Thank you for considering my candidacy. Michael

Nickolas Wildstar | LIBERTARIAN

I’m running for Governor because elected politicians no longer represent the people of this state. As a 20 year working class professional, I will defend residents from unnecessary taxation, regulatory bureaucracy, and skyrocketing costs of living. As a Libertarian, I will not compromise your liberty for special interest groups desires and will uphold the United States Constitution. And as Governor, I will proudly serve for all of the people of California. Please allow me this honor by choosing Wildstar for Governor and let’s bring back liberty!

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