Shock Report: Hispanic Judge Curiel Sides with Trump on Wall

Author: Jeff Powers
Created: 27 February, 2018
Updated: 21 November, 2022
2 min read

The State of California sued the Trump administration in 2017 to block the construction of a wall along the southern border. That suit fell apart Tuesday at the hands of Judge Gonzalo Curiel, the same judge who was ridiculed by the president during the 2016 campaign:


U.S. District Judge Gonzalo Curiel ruled California's arguments do not stand and that the federal government is allowed to wave environmental laws. Ironically, Curiel is the judge President Trump criticized during the 2016 election, arguing he can't properly rule on immigration issues because he is "Mexican."

In the 101-page ruling, Curiel wrote that both Congress and the executive branch “share responsibilities in protecting the country from terrorists and contraband illegally entering at the borders.”

Simply put, the ruling allows the administration to issue waivers on environmental laws and build sections of the border wall.


It was a big win for the Departments of Justice and Homeland Security. Each group has stated the wall is an important component to securing our country from illegal immigration.


“Border security is paramount to stemming the flow of illegal immigration that contributes to rising violent crime and to the drug crisis, and undermines national security," DOJ Spokesman Devin O'Malley continued, "Congress gave authority to the Department of Homeland Security to construct a border wall without delay to prevent illegal entry into the United States, and we are pleased DHS can continue this important work vital to our nation’s interests.”


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DHS acting press secretary Tyler Houlton was quoted, "walls have proven to be extremely effective in preventing the flow of drugs and illegal aliens across our borders. Simply put — walls work. The Department of Homeland Security looks forward to building the wall where our frontline operators say it is needed and in accordance with all applicable laws."


Several groups challenged the move by DHS to expedite construction of the prototypes and replacement fencing in San Diego.
The lawsuits from the environmental advocacy organizations and the state of California argued that the "administration's waiver wasn't allowed by the law that created the overarching authority and that the authority itself violated the Constitution." Curiel rejected each argument, saying the law and the nature of the border clearly give the DHS broad authority to build border barriers.


A representative for one of the groups, the Center for Biological Diversity, said it intended to appeal the decision. Senior attorney Brian Segee wrote, "We intend to appeal this disappointing ruling, which would allow Trump to shrug off crucial environmental laws that protect people and wildlife. The Trump administration has completely overreached its authority in its rush to build this destructive, senseless wall."
California Attorney General Xavier Becerra issued a statement that he was considering options. "We will evaluate all of our options and are prepared to do what is necessary to protect our people, our values, and our economy from federal overreach. A medieval wall along the US-Mexico border simply does not belong in the 21st century."

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