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3 News Stories With More Impact Than Texts Between Lovers

by Free Wheel Media, published

Read about what really matters from the news last week. We provide you the least-biased news about current events so you can go about your day informed, not brainwashed.

What to avoid:

  • The texts were found! Avoid the mayhem created by the texts between an FBI agent and his lover. The texts contained some damning information for the agent, which ended up getting him removed from Special Counsel Mueller’s team, but as of now that’s the most that’s come from them. Until something else surfaces, don’t worry about texts between an unfaithful man and his love affair.

What to focus on:

After catching up on the events of the week, check out what Independent political candidates and organizations did by visiting our Independent Action post located here.

© 2018 by Free Wheel Media. The article originally published on FreeWheelUs and has been republished by request and with permission from Free Wheel Media.

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