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IVN Proves Political Civility Can Exist On Facebook

Created: 18 December, 2017
Updated: 17 October, 2022
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IVN published an article recently about how partisanship has reached such an extreme in American society that it is dividing families, friends, and becoming a deal breaker for potential marriage partners.

So we set out to prove that despite the perception that people are only ugly to each other online and stuck in their own political bubbles, independent thought and civility can exist on social media.

At IVN, we believe that being independent-minded, most simply, is a mindset. It is a willingness to be open to persuasion, and recognize that there can be merit to conflicting opinions.

We asked our audience to talk about issues and topics in 2017 that they changed their minds on... whether it be about the election process, taxes, health care, the media, etc.

We found that in the last 7 years, IVN has accomplished what many viewed as the impossible. We have built a strong community of independent-minded authors and readers on the foundation of openness, civility, and a simple 4-point etiquette.

Read some of the responses below:

Check out more of the responses here, and keep the conversation going. What is something YOU have changed your mind about?