Read The Fundraising Agreement That Proves Clinton's DNC Takeover

Created: 06 November, 2017
Updated: 17 October, 2022
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Late Friday night, WikiLeaks tweeted out the Joint Fundraising Agreement between the Hillary Clinton campaign and DNC officials that backs up former Interim DNC Chair Donna Brazile's claim that the Clinton camp essentially took over the party.


The tweet links out to a PDF uploaded by MSNBC:

Several outlets tried to report that Bernie Sanders signed the same Joint Fundraising Agreement, but that claim was quickly debunked by the Sanders camp.


According to ABC News:

"A joint fundraising agreement between the Bernie Sanders campaign and the Democratic National Committee — obtained Friday by ABC News and signed at the start of the primary campaign for the 2016 presidential election — does not include any language about coordinating on strategic decisions over hiring or budget, unlike a fundraising memo between the Hillary Clinton team and the DNC."

You might also be interested in this report from The Intercept: "Four Viral Claims Spread by Journalists on Twitter in the Last Week Alone That Are False."

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Donna Brazile's expose in Politico and her new book have sent shockwaves throughout the Democratic Party. Sanders supporters now feel their grievances have been validated, but what can they do in a system controlled by two private political corporations, one of which is the Democratic Party?

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