Terry Hayes Challenges Two-Party System With Clean Elections Campaign

Author: Terry Hayes
Created: 23 October, 2017
Updated: 17 October, 2022
3 min read

Last week, I officially launched my independent, clean elections bid to become Maine's next governor.

As Maine's first independent state treasurer and a Clean Elections candidate for governor, I am accountable to all Mainers. I am not beholden to any political party, wealthy donors, or special interest lobbyists.

I am running to be Maine's next governor because the citizens of our state deserve a positive, inclusive, problem solver as our next chief executive. Maine needs a governor who will choose to govern, not keep campaigning after the election.

We need a governor who will choose people over partisanship, every time.

I earned the respect, trust, and votes of Democrats and Republicans alike to become Maine's first independent state treasurer. My former colleagues in the Maine Legislature on both sides of the aisle entrusted me with the responsibility for leading a team at Treasury that reconciles more than $11 billion in annual transactions and maximizes value for Maine’s taxpayers.

My decision to run as a Clean Elections candidate for governor is based on the fact that Maine voters have twice chosen to support this public financing program. I respect the will of the people and share their commitment to getting big money out of politics.

While any Mainer or Americans can make a “seed money” contribution to my campaign, the most that any individual can give is $100. My campaign cannot take contributions from PACs, corporations, or unions.

My vision for Maine's future is optimistic. As governor, I will lead Maine in a bold new direction where we become a regional hub for technology, agriculture, commerce, and trade, and a gateway to our Canadian neighbors and communities throughout the north Atlantic.

We have much of what we need to be successful, especially if we lead with our strengths:

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  • People who take pride in their work, with a work ethic second to none;
  • Abundant, sustainable natural resources;
  • A strong sense of place; and,
  • The tenacity to see things through.

We can create a vibrant future for our state if we stay focused and remember that we are all in this together.

Throughout my service in the Maine Legislature, the "Measures of Growth" report was a data-driven resource that informed my policy work. The premise of this annual economic progress report is simple: if we tend to our economy, our communities, and our environment, we can improve the quality of life for all Mainers.

"Measures of Growth" is an economic roadmap with a long-term perspective. It includes 26 benchmarks for us to measure our progress by, and the leverage points that will get us where we want to go.

I will be Maine’s "Measures of Growth" Governor.

My administration will focus on three key areas:

  • Ensuring that we have the skilled workforce we need to meet the demands of Maine’s employers, now and in the future;
  • Developing and implementing a health and wellness program for all the Maine people; and,
  • Expanding access to reliable broadband throughout the state.

In addition, my administration will lead with civility. I have been committed to civility in my public policy work for more than ten years -- long before our politics eroded to the quagmire of disrespect that exists today.

How we do things matters. How we engage in our public policy work matters. Partisanship has resulted in paralysis. It is a barrier to the future we want.

Maine government should be transparent, accountable, and respect the people. We need a level playing field for elections. We need to limit the influence of money in politics. As Mainers drift away from the two major parties, we need open primaries.

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I am committed to respecting all who are courageous enough to participate in our public policy work. We need good people from all perspectives to help us. Civility encourages inclusion. Inclusion is necessary for lasting, positive change.

I want a future for Maine and America that includes progress, prosperity, and respect. That’s why I’m running, and it’s why I will work hard over the next 13 months to earn the respect, trust, and votes of the Maine people.

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