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Maine: Independent Terry Hayes Selects High-Profile Campaign Manager

by Shawn M. Griffiths, published

Maine independent gubernatorial candidate and State Treasurer Terry Hayes announced Friday that she has picked Kyle Bailey to be her campaign manager.

Bailey managed the statewide referendum campaign to get ranked choice voting in state and non-presidential federal elections. It was the second-largest referendum victory in Maine history.

Bailey also was the Maine Finance Director for the successful 2012 campaign to legalize same-sex marriage.

“I am incredibly pleased that Kyle will be managing the day-to-day activities of our campaign,” said Hayes. “Kyle shares my passion for treating others with respect and for making our political system work better by getting big money out and giving voters more voice.”

“Democrats and Republicans in Augusta can’t agree on much these days, except that they trust Terry Hayes to steward $11 billion in state transactions each year,” said Bailey. “Terry has twice earned the votes of Republicans and Democrats alike to be Maine’s State Treasurer. Under Terry’s financial stewardship, Maine is paying its bills on time for the first time in a long time.”

Hayes is Maine's first independent state treasurer and a former member of the state House. She announced her campaign for governor in April, pledging to put the people of Maine above party politics.

“Many politicians complain about partisan bickering and mudslinging, even as they engage in it,” said Bailey.

“Terry has never run a negative ad, and she never will. She understands that how we do things matters. She’s inclusive, she listens, and she values others. That’s why she’s been successful getting results for Maine’s taxpayers, and it’s why she’ll be an effective governor.” - Kyle Bailey

He added, “Terry is the only candidate for governor with the right experience, independence, and courage to lead Maine in a bold new direction that challenges politics as usual in Augusta, takes on our state’s toughest challenges, and unlocks the full potential of the Maine people.”

Maine's gubernatorial election will be held in 2018. Republican Gov. Paul LePage is term limited, leaving an open seat and opportunity for an independent candidate like Hayes to rise.

Hayes received a major endorsement from The Centrist Project in May. The organization believes Maine is leading the nation in challenging the two-party duopoly.

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