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Rigged Voting Machines in Kansas? Appeals Court Hears Case

Created: 19 September, 2017
Updated: 17 October, 2022
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The Appeals Court of Kansas is being asked to allow access to the audit tapes for voting machines in Sedgwick County. The court heard oral argument in the case on Tuesday.

The case was initially brought by Dr. Beth Clarkson, a statistician and engineer, who claims there are suspicious trends that strongly indicate ballot tampering of the electronic voting machines in the state.

“There are statistical indications that are consistent with concerns about deliberate manipulation,” Clarkson said.

“Followed by the fact that there’s no transparency in the process. ... We’re not allowed to see the records or do any checking, we’re basically supposed to accept it on faith that everybody’s doing their job and if everybody does their job there won’t be any problems.” - Dr. Beth Clarkson

Clarkson is being represented by former US attorney Randy Rathbun.

Plaintiffs are asking the court "to allow a recount of votes on audit tapes from voting machines to test the accuracy of the tallies reported by Sedgwick County Election Commissioner Tabitha Lehman."

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