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Is Ranked Choice Voting Coming to This Major Battleground State?

by Doug Goodman, published

Nevada could be on its way to implementing Ranked Choice Voting (RCV) if the Greater Choice – Greater Voice initiative being prepared by Nevadans for Election Reform is passed by the voters.

The initiative, currently being drafted, would replace the state’s current partisan closed primary system with a single election in November using RCV. Combining the primary and general election will take advantage of the significantly higher turnout in November (three times the turnout of the primary) and provide more voters a wider choice of candidates and opinions.

This will allow all voters to be heard.

Voters will be able rank candidates by preference, and thus vote their conscience without fear of being a spoiler. Implementation of the Greater Choice – Greater Voice initiative will save taxpayers $3-$4 million every election cycle without infringing on political parties’ First Amendment right of association.

By implementing a single election using RCV, voters will also experience:

  • Less negative campaigning as candidates must reach out to all voters, not just a narrow partisan base;
  • A greater choice as all candidates of all parties and independents are vying for votes;
  • Having more information as all candidates become viable; and
  • Elected officials who collaborate on solutions without the fear of upsetting their party's narrow base and being "primaried."

Nevadans for Election Reform is a registered Political Action Committee. It has been working on election reform issues at the legislative level since 2013.

These efforts have resulted in two bills being introduced: one in 2015 for a top-three primary with an RCV general and a top-two primary bill in 2017.

Given the lack of broad legislative support, it is now time to have the voters act.

Nearly 28 percent of active voters in Nevada are not registered to vote with either the Democratic or Republican Party. Over 21 percent are registered as Non-Partisan.

This number is growing every month while both major parties lose voter share at the same time. These figures are ten percent higher among those 18 to 34 years of age.

It is time for the voters of Nevada to regain their voice. Nevadans for Election Reform and the Greater Choice – Greater Voice initiative is poised to make this a reality.

Editor's Note: If you want more information on Nevadans for Election Reform or the proposed ballot initiative, you can visit the PAC's website here.

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