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Morning Report August 24, 2017

Author: Jeff Powers
Created: 23 August, 2017
Updated: 21 November, 2022
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In a story on IVN.us, two of Colorado’s presidential electors, the people who cast Colorado’s votes in the electoral college, filed a lawsuit last week against Secretary of State, Wayne Williams.

The suit alleges that Williams “threatened and intimidated” them into voting for Secretary Hillary Clinton in December 2016.

Colorado has a law that requires its electors to vote for the presidential and vice-presidential candidates who received the most votes in the state during the general election. However, there was a movement across the country following last November’s election to try to prevent Donald Trump from getting the necessary 270 electoral votes to be named president by voting for a third candidate who would take votes away from both Clinton and also Trump.

The suit asks for the Colorado statute that requires electors to vote in line with the general election results unconstitutional.


Don't expect an expulsion vote from the Missouri Senate in the next couple weeks regarding State Senator Maria Chappelle-Nadal.

In a phone conversation with IVN.us, congressional aides said the issue will not come up as an action item until the special veto session in early September. Of course that doesn't preclude Chappelle-Nadal from resigning her position after stating last Thursday on Facebook she wished for the assassination of the Presdient Trump.

In a story on IVN.us, Missouri Senate leaders have removed Chappelle-Nadal from her committee assignments, as they intend to isolate her for the rest of her term.

If Chappelle-Nadal forces an expulsion vote, article III, Section 18 of the Missouri Constitution allows for her removal. It takes the concurrence of two-thirds of all members elect.


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