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Trump Gives Media Oxygen On Charlottesville; Bannon Out?

by Jeff Powers, published


In what was meant to be a news conference about the president's infrastructure plan, quickly devolved into a shouting match between the media and the president over the weekend violence at Charlottesville.

When pressed about his initial statement on Saturday, President Trump said, "I gave a statement on the facts I had. And I stand by what I said."

The president then noted that he updated his statement on Monday after learning more facts about what had transpired. In his second statement, he specifically called out the KKK and white supremacists for their role in the violence.

In his Tuesday's news conference, the president blamed both sides, the "alt-left" as well as the "alt-right," for their roles in the riot.

Aside from the Charlottesville reactions, the biggest headline at the news conference appears to be Steve Bannon, the president's chief political strategist, could be on his way out.

When asked about Bannon, the president said, "Mr. Bannon came on (my campaign) very late. I like him, he's a good man."

President Trump said similar things about White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci shortly before his release.

President Trump likened our country's infrastructure to a third world country, and announced it was time to eliminate the onerous regulations that stall projects for "20 years."

President Trump held up a sheet that nearly extended to the floor showing the regulation hurdles developers must meet before proceeding on a project.

The president noted, "Right now the process is way too cumbersome. It takes 20 years for a highway to be built. We are going to remove the regulations and give developers a chance to complete the regulatory process in less than two years."

He thought the plan would get bipartisan support, unlike the health care reforms that were sunk by Congress.

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