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Maine House Passes Constitutional Amendment to Protect Ranked Choice Voting

Created: 22 June, 2017
Updated: 17 October, 2022
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The Maine House gave initial approval Thursday for a constitutional amendment to implement ranked choice voting. This follows shortly after the Senate gave unanimous approval for the constitutional amendment Wednesday.

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Speaker Sara Gideon released the following statement:

“Mainers asked for election reform and it is our responsibility to respect their wishes, while upholding our duty as legislators. Today, the House took the first steps in amending the constitution to allow full implementation of ranked choice voting. While this process is ongoing and we still have many votes to take, I urge my colleagues to support this legislation and send it to voters for approval. “ - Maine House Speaker Sara Gideon

The constitutional amendment now needs final approval from two-thirds of the Legislature, and if it gets that it will be sent to voters for approval.

It appears, though, that voters had a huge impact on this development for Maine ranked choice voting.