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Why Are California Dems Intervening in Georgia Special?

Created: 20 June, 2017
Updated: 17 October, 2022
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The special congressional election in Georgia's 6th District has attracted a lot of outside interest. Democrats, looking for a symbolic victory against President Donald Trump, have spent record-breaking amounts of money and resources to flip the district blue.

In California, the Democratic Party is even calling on its people to"Get Out The Vote" for Democratic candidate Jon Ossoff. Party Chair Eric C. Bauman sent an email to state Democrats Tuesday morning, asking them to volunteer to make calls to voters into Georgia's 6th District.

"Let's make history and send a clear message to Donald Trump and the morally bankrupt Republican Party: The American people won't stand for this divisive, extremist agenda anymore," Bauman writes.

This is how intense and partisan this little House race has become.

For Democrats across the US, it is not about Georgia's 6th District or its voters. It is about turning this race into a symbolic referendum on the president, even when the race has no real consequences: the balance of power in Congress is not at stake and House leadership is not affected.

It is all about Trump, and as a consequence Georgia voters are getting left out of the conversation completely.

Photo Credit: Katherine Welles / shutterstock.com