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ReConsider Media: Donald Trump, Podemos, and the Populists' Rise to Power

by ReConsider Media, published

If we want to learn a little bit more about Trump's path to the presidency, we can look to recent history. It's not actually totally unprecedented.

Spain, going through its own very tough economic times, has vaulted the populist-left Podemos to the fore, seemingly out of nowhere. Podemos is a bunch of political outsiders with a Marxist approach to campaigning -- and they adopted this style very deliberately. They have a lot to teach us about what might become the new politics of the 21st century.

In the podcast we're joined by author, campaign adviser, and VisualPolitik director Fonseca Porras, to learn more about Podemos and discuss the parallels with Trump in this particularly exciting episode!



“Politics, but we don’t do the thinking for you.”

ReConsider, by Xander Snyder and Erik Fogg, is a twice-per-month podcast in which we take on, in-depth, one pressing political issue facing western democracies with a fresh, researched, and challenging perspective. We help listeners see the full context behind the issue and make up their own minds.

ReConsider Media is a syndicate of This podcast was originally published on ReConsider Media on January 23, 2017.

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