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San Diego Primary Election Reform Bill Gets Support from Independent Voter Project

by Independent Voter Project, published

Sacramento, CA, May 9, 2017 - The organization that authored California's nonpartisan primary system, the Independent Voter Project (IVP), has submitted a letter in support of AB 901, a bill sponsored by Assemblymembers Todd Gloria and Shirley Weber, that would pave the way for San Diego County to change their primary process and get rid of the 50%+1 rule.

IVP authored last year’s Measure K, which eliminated the rule in San Diego City that allowed candidates for city offices to win outright in a June primary by getting over 50% of the vote. Assembly Bill 901 would allow San Diego County, through proposition by county supervisors or a petition of 10% of the electorate, to move to a primary system in which the voters are guaranteed a choice between the top two candidates in the general election.

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San Diego is one of the most geographically, ethnically, and politically diverse counties in California, and the Independent Voter Project believes it is important that the electoral process maximize the participation of all San Diegans. Past election statistics have demonstrated that as many as twice the number of registered voters in San Diego County participate in the general election versus the primary.

IVP co-founder Steve Peace noted:

“As a matter of principal, elections should be decided when the most people vote ... the general election. Systems that do not do this are, by design, rigged to benefit insiders and diminish accountability to the broad electorate. AB 901, like Measures K and L, overwhelming approved by City Voters last fall, is an important voter rights issue.”

Peace will testify in Support of AB 901 in Sacramento on Wednesday.

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