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Scott Rasmussen, Culture Leads and Politics Lags: The Decentralization of American Society

by Kaia Los Huertos, published

This week host T.J. O’Hara is joined by Scott Rasmussen.

T.J. discusses Scott’s February article, "Do We Have a Legitimate Government?" and what that could mean. They delve into the regulatory state, how culture leads and politics follows, and the decentralization of American society. Scott’s new book, Politics Has Failed, America Will Not, explores these ideas and more.

A familiar face on television news programs, Scott Rasmussen, spent two decades as one of the world’s leading public opinion pollsters. Scott was the founder of the polling outlet Rasmussen Reports, and co-founder of ESPN. In partnership with Ballotpedia, he releases “Scott Rasmussen’s Number of the Day,” which highlights newsworthy and interesting topics at the intersection of politics, culture, and technology. Scott is a Senior Fellow for the Study of Self-Governance at The King’s College in New York City, where he guides the development of an Institute for Community Driven Solutions.

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