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Anti-Corruption Group Wants to Help Trump Drain the Swamp

by Kaila Cooper, published

President Trump has actively utilized executive orders to bypass the unpredictability of Congress. Now, has authored an executive order that has Trump’s “drain the swamp” mantra embedded into its very core.

Represent.Us explains:

“Represent.Us' strategy is to go around Congress and pass anti-corruption laws ourselves. The American Anti-Corruption Executive Order is another way we can go around Congress without getting bogged down in the partisan stalemate of Washington D.C.” - Tzipora Lederman, Associate Director of Communications argues that President Trump’s campaign promise to “drain the swamp” could be at least partly fulfilled with this executive order, which is meant to create more transparency and less conflicts of interest.

Some of its attributes include: making it illegal for political appointees to be wooed at fundraisers, requiring federal contractors to publicly report their political spending, and banning political appointees from attending fundraisers hosted by foreign governments.

The success of this executive order depends most on the awareness that is brought to it.

“With enough public pressure we can get the American Anti-Corruption Executive Order on this administration's radar,” explains Lederman.

According to Lederman, the executive order has “shed a light on how important the issue of corruption is. Regardless of party affiliation, corruption is preventing the government from representing the people.” believes that the popularity of anti-corruption reform cannot be ignored. The group says the timeliness of their efforts will propel this executive order effort forward, and with enough public outcry, it would be impossible for President Trump to ignore. has garnered over 7,600 signatures for its petition to date. Organization members continue to receive positive responses and support from voters; finding that everyone they speak to agrees that corruption in the federal government is prevalent and needs to end.

“This is only the beginning of this executive order campaign,” explains Lederman.

This organization has also been at the forefront of advocating for the American Anti Corruption Act, which is meant to stop political bribery, forbid secret money, and fix the electoral system. They have applied to the executive order what they could legally from the American Anti Corruption Act. believes it is time to get serious about cleaning up Washington. This executive order could be President Trump’s first step toward draining the swamp.

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