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Why Do Trump Supporters Love Democrat Tulsi Gabbard?

by Kendall Shain, published

Democrats in Congress have predominantly lined up in opposition to President Trump's agenda since he took office last month. Democratic U.S. Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, however, is one notable exception.

Rep. Gabbard (D-Hawaii) was thrust into the national spotlight last year when she resigned her position as vice chair of the Democratic National Committee to endorse Bernie Sanders, a blow to the establishment which simultaneously angered and excited many. As a young, Hindu, woman who served in the military, Gabbard is poised to become a rising star on the left.

One policy position in particular, however, creates an interesting alliance between Rep. Gabbard and her unlikely allies in the Trump camp. Gabbard represents the oft-forgotten mantra of the anti-war left. When stepping down from her DNC role to back Bernie, Gabbard explained:

"As a veteran and as a soldier I've seen firsthand the true cost of war. I think it's most important for us as we look at our choices as to who our next commander-in-chief will be ... to recognize the necessity to have a commander in chief who has foresight, who exercises good judgment."

Trump supporters have voiced support for Rep. Gabbard online, especially on /r/The_Donald. Last November, when Gabbard met with Trump to discuss foreign policy, /r/The_Donald was abuzz with praise for the Democratic representative.

The Hill reported that it was Bannon who arranged the November meeting between the two. “He loves Tulsi Gabbard. Loves her,” a source familiar with Bannon’s thinking told The Hill. “Wants to work with her on everything.”

Bannon supposedly admires Gabbard for her independence from the establishment, along with her military experience.

Following their meeting, many speculated that Gabbard might receive an appointment in Trump’s cabinet, a move that appeared to excite many Trump supporters:

Following her recent fact-finding mission to Syria, Gabbard was attacked viciously by the party establishment on both sides and media alike. Trump supporters, however, had a different take on the exchange:

Some supporters even believe Trump might still rip Gabbard from the strangle of the Democratic party:

Is the Tulsi love coming from the Trump camp really so surprising after all?

As a fiercely independent, anti-establishment, military veteran, Rep. Gabbard has a lot in common with a pro-Trump profile. Her willingness to work with President Trump, as well as others outside her party, puts her in a unique position on the left and her likability appears to transcend party -- a combination that could possibly create a politician who Bernie and Trump supporters alike can rally behind.

Image Source: RepTulsiGabbard Facebook

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