Qualcomm Stadium Solution? MLS Talk Gains Traction

Author: Jeff Powers
Created: 23 January, 2017
Updated: 21 November, 2022
1 min read

San Diego, CALIF.- Plans to bring an MLS team to San Diego could be gaining traction.

On the heels of the Chargers announcement, Michael Stone and Nick Stone, of FS Investors, and Steve Altman, of AJL Investments, presented their concept to transform Qualcomm stadium into a potential home for a  Major League Soccer team. The stadium could also serve as a home for San Diego State University sports.

The site plan would also expand the San Diego River Park and set aside land for a future NFL stadium, should the city secure a new team in the future. If these ideas sound familiar, they should, they were the cornerstone's of Measure D. And at the news conference Nick Stone noted that several aspects in Measure D, particularly the park, have been included in the soccer plan.
A news release from the Investment group stated, "The group is also working to bring some of the best international soccer teams to play in what would be a world-class soccer facility. As part of this effort, the owners will build a soccer academy for  younger player development that would attract the best youth players in the region, and possibly the world."
Plans for the project also showcase restaurants, shopping and an entertainment district.
Importantly, the group has "exclusive" negotiating rights with MLS. They claim the plan wouldn't require any taxpayer dollars and that the group would acquire the land from the city.