District 9 City Council Race

Created: 11 October, 2016
Updated: 17 October, 2022
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San, Diego, CALIF. - Of the five odd-numbered districts electing city council representatives in 2016, only one election truly remains: District 9.

While the District 1 election is still officially on the ballot, Republican candidate Ray Ellis pulled out of the race months ago, leaving Barbara Bry as the only viable choice in that District.

In the June Primary, Districts 3, 5, and 7 were decided. That’s because the City of San Diego has an election loophole, that states candidates who receive over 50% of the primary vote are automatically elected and won’t face the electorate in the November General Election.  

For District 9, no candidate received a majority vote in the June Primary. That means voters will decide between the top-two voter getters, Ricardo Flores and Georgette Gomez.

The neighborhoods comprising District 9 are diverse, consisting of upscale communities like Kensington and more densely-populated areas like City Heights. D9 also includes the communities of Alvarado Estates, College Area, College View Estates, El Cerrito, Mountain View, Mount Hope, Rolando, Southcrest, and Talmadge.

For the first time, District 9 will elect a Latino representative, reflecting the majority-minority population of Latinos who comprise the area.

Ricardo Flores, 39, has served District 9 since 2005. He is currently Chief of Staff for District 9 Councilwoman Marti Emerald, who endorsed Flores’ candidacy after announcing she would be stepping down due to health concerns. Flores was also a senior aide to Congresswoman Susan Davis. Flores is the son of two public school teachers and lived in District 9's City Heights neighborhood as a child before attending UCLA. He and his wife currently live in Kensington.

Georgette Gomez, 40, is a member of the City Heights Community Planning Group and the Associate Director of the Environmental Health Coalition. She received the official endorsement of the Democratic Party of San Diego County for the November General Election. The daughter of working class immigrants, Gomez grew up in Barrio Logan and graduated from SDSU. She and her partner live in the Azalea Park community of City Heights.

Both Flores and Gomez have campaigned on the issues of neighborhood safety, improving infrastructure and growth, and increasing affordable housing. And, as residents themselves, they each have a personal connection with the District and its residents.

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The results from the June Primary are below.

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