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Better for America Ends Campaign Recruitment; Continues Fight to Improve Ballot Access

by Better for America, published

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Better For America was launched against the backdrop of the deeply divisive campaigns of the two most unpopular presidential candidates in modern history, and the widespread dissatisfaction of the American electorate. The mission of BFA was to keep the electoral window open through the summer, and allow a leader to emerge to restore honor, integrity, and unifying and principled leadership to the 2016 presidential election cycle.

To advance that objective, BFA conducted extensive conversations with dozens of current or former senators, governors, congressmen, Cabinet members, military leaders, and presidential candidates, as well as establishing a foundation for ballot access across the country.

While polling continues to show that the electorate is dissatisfied with both candidates, and believes the country to be on the wrong track, the opportunity for BFA to influence this election cycle has diminished over the summer months, and BFA will therefore end its candidate recruitment and ballot access efforts.

BFA continues to believe in the potential for leaders to emerge and address the ongoing political crisis, and will continue to pursue constitutional litigation to pave a path to ballot access. Further, in states in which Better For America has established ballot access, it will follow its established process and nominate a candidate.

"BFA launched with two convictions: one, that this country needs and deserves better than the current leadership alternatives, and two, that it is always valuable to promote integrity, honor, and principles, no matter what the social and political headwinds, or the costs that may be incurred. We believed that if we promoted these ideas in public and private discourse, we could help catalyze a meaningful movement of financial and political leaders responding to the current crisis," said John Kingston, Founder and Chair of Better For America. "While we are disappointed that we didn't see the leadership response we anticipated, I am encouraged by the many Americans who supported us in our efforts, and am particularly proud of a remarkable BFA management team willing to sacrifice themselves out of their great and patriotic commitment. I know these great Americans will remain committed to restoring integrity, honor and principled leadership to our country, and I in turn remain committed to supporting them in these efforts."


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