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Infographic: A Side-by-Side Comparison of the 4 Largest Parties

by Griffin Edwards, published

The 2016 election has quickly turned into more than a two-person race as a growing segment of the electorate is looking outside the major parties to viable alternative options. This year, increased interest has propelled Libertarian Gary Johnson near the polling threshold required to appear alongside Democrat Hillary Clinton and Republican Donald Trump in the presidential debates, and is helping Green Party candidate Jill Stein gain ballot access in most states.

But as Johnson and Stein rise in popularity, not much is reported on where their respective parties stand on the biggest issues facing voters and the country, or how they compare to each other and the major parties. Here is a breakdown of where the 4 biggest political parties in the U.S. stand on 9 major issues, including jobs, terrorism, immigration, trade, healthcare, drugs, taxes, the environment, and public safety:

Editor's note: The infographic and article were created with the help of IVN intern Marisa Gomez.

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