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Independent Parties in Oregon, Minnesota Announce Presidential Pact

by Sal Peralta, published

Leaders of the Independent Party of Oregon and the Independence Party of Minnesota have reached a "broad strokes" agreement on joining together to form a national coalition of nonpartisan, moderate, and centrist third parties. The parties will convene a national conference or tele-conference this summer to discuss joint nomination of a candidate for president. The group has identified potential third-party partners in multiple states.

"The Democratic and Republican parties are poised to nominate candidates with the highest negative poll ratings in history," said Rob Harris, a Washington County attorney who was central to the talks between the two parties. "With the two parties nominating historically unpopular candidates, this is a conversation that is long overdue. We believe voters are ready for a change"

"We have been in a long decline in the civility of the nation's politics with a matching rise in negative partisanship," echoed State Chair Phil Fuehrer of the Independence Party of Minnesota. "This year's presidential spectacles have clearly shown it is time to discuss creating a better way."


The Independent Party of Oregon (IPO) is a centrist-aligned ballot qualified political party with 104,000 members in the state of Oregon. In 2015, the party was recognized by the Secretary of State as a major political party by virtue of registering 5% of the state's total registered voters.

For more information about the party read, "From Grassroots Movement to Major Party: A Brief History of the Independent Party of Oregon."


The Independence Party of Minnesota (MNIP) was formed in 1992 as part of the Ross Perot reform movement. MNIP was the party of Jesse Ventura, when he was elected governor of Minnesota from 1999-2003, and has elected several candidates to state and local office.

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