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Two Dozen Filled-Out Voter Registration Forms Found Abandoned in East Bay Park

Created: 30 March, 2016
Updated: 16 October, 2022
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A local CBS affiliate in San Francisco reported Tuesday that a seemingly abandoned bag of two dozen voter registration forms was found near the Pleasant Hill BART station. The forms were filled out and contained sensitive information about local voters who were trying to register to vote.

CBS San Francisco reports:

Easter Sunday morning, Bob Ericson of Concord was walking his dog on the Iron Horse trail near the BART station when he spotted the bag stuffed full of stacks of paperwork. [...] He posted a photo on Facebook, worrying there might be disenfranchised voters.“These people would have showed up on Election Day ready to vote, and unable to because their forms had not been processed.  It would have been terrible,” he said.

Assistant Contra Costa County Registrar Scott Konopasek saw the Facebook post and drove to the park to retrieve the bag. He said that someone stole the bag from a campaign signature collector who encourages people to register to vote while signing.

“It’s unnerving to see this kind of information laying around,” Konopasek said.

He also said that this should serve as a reminder.

“Whenever you involve a 3rd party, you’re exposing the privacy of your information to some type of risk,” Konopasek remarked.

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