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Lawsuit Challenging 'Rigged' Presidential Debates Not Deterred by FEC Ruling

by Shawn M. Griffiths, published

Ballot Access News reported Thursday that Level the Playing Field, the reform group dedicated to changing the current presidential debate rule that practically ensures any candidate outside the two major parties does not have a place in the fall debates, along with Peter Ackerman, the Libertarian Party, and the Green Party updated their lawsuit against the Federal Election Commission.

Ballot Access News reports:

"On August 27, Level the Playing Field, Peter Ackerman, the Libertarian Party, and the Green Party filed this new complaint against the Federal Election Commission. Like the similar complaint filed on June 22, this lawsuit concerns general election presidential debates. The complaint is 42 pages. A new complaint was needed because the first one is now out-of-date. The first complaint dealt with the failure of the Federal Election Commission to respond to the 2014 request for a new rule on debates. But then in July 2015, the FEC denied the petition, so now the case attempts to argue that the existing FEC rule violates federal campaign finance law." - Richard Winger, Ballot Access News

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