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The Iran Nuclear Deal Explained in 3 Minutes

by Tige Richardson, published

You're busy with things I assume. But, being a human with an Internet connection, you have probably come across posts or videos about something having to do with a deal between the United States and Iran over nuclear weapons. Like everything else in modern media, this historic agreement has been accompanied with an array of different opinions and "takes." But which opinion is the right one to deploy at this Saturday's BBQ?

Lucky for you, the good people at Vox have really good graphic videos that explain rather complex things in under 5 minutes. Here, take a look:

It should be noted that there is a lot in this deal that is not addressed in this video. Relations with Israel, the uneasy alliance with China and Russia, and the Iranians' willingness to follow the guidelines are all legitimate concerns. What is undeniable, however, is that this deal is a major step in international diplomacy in the 21st century, and another huge victory for the Obama administration. Have fun at your BBQ this weekend.

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