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Poll: Voters Will Be Forced to Pick between Candidates They Don't Like in 2016

Created: 10 April, 2015
Updated: 15 October, 2022
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The results of a new Rasmussen Reports survey published Friday show that most voters believe the parties will pick nominees in the 2016 presidential election that they won't agree with. According to the survey, nearly three-quarters of respondents said they don't believe either presidential candidate will represent their views.

Key takeaways from the poll:

  • 44 percent of respondents believe the GOP nominee will be more conservative than they are; 16 percent think he or she will be more liberal.
  • 50 percent think the Democratic nominee will be more liberal than they are; 14 percent think he or she will be more conservative.
  • 46 percent of likely Republican voters believe they will share the same views as their party's candidate; 44 percent of Democrats feel the same way about their party's candidate.
  • Only 22 percent of voters outside the major parties expect to agree with the Republican nominee, while 13 percent say the same about the Democratic candidate.

Read the full report here.

Photo Credit: Mircea Maties / shutterstock.com