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To Be a Political Heavyweight, Elizabeth Warren Must Consolidate Message

by David Yee, published
There is no doubt that

Elizabeth Warren has the qualifications to hold any political office in the United States -- a Harvard Law professor, a special advisory to the Treasury, creator of the U.S. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, a United States senator, and active on at least six different Senate committees.

But to be a true heavyweight of American politics, Warren still needs to develop a solid message, and then sell that message to America.

Right now, it seems that Warren is interested in too many ideas, which serves to zap up her available time and energy, and keeps her off-balance from her fundamental message.

In case anyone has missed it, Warren's true political passion has been the middle class and the hardships it is facing as it continues to shrink and disappear.

Her co-authored 2009 paper on medical bankruptcy has become the seminal work in the past decade, highlighting the increasing numbers of bankruptcies due to only medical expenses.

Her up-to-date books and articles on the mortgage bubble, TARP, student loan bubble, medical bankruptcy, and the shrinking middle class all make her an expert on the trials faced by the middle class in America.

Following Elizabeth Warren's Facebook page, she has very interesting things to say about a large number of topics -- from marriage equality to TARP to outlandish wall-street bonuses in 2014.

And while this gains her quite a bit of respect among academics and politicos -- for taking a deliberate stand and fully investigating an idea -- it isn't what wins big elections.

While Warren keeps saying "no" to a run at the White House, her supporters keep pushing her to jump into the fray, and she needs to be ready for what it takes to win big.

Winning the presidency is usually done with a limited message: Bill Clinton hands down won with his slogan, "It's the economy, stupid," in 1992. G.W. Bush beat Kerry by portraying him as the weaker candidate in foreign policy. Every aspect of the campaign focused on those weaknesses in their opponents.

For Warren to be an unstoppable tiger politically, she needs to trim down her message to the 20-second sound bytes that everyone can understand, and then relentlessly push against her opponents every chance she gets. Her message is good, she just needs to develop it into an weapon that will win a campaign.

Regardless of political ilk, Warren has a solid message -- the shrinking middle class is felt by people throughout the United States. Common sense would suggest that she is a presidential contender or V.P running mate. What she has to do is come up with a message that rings true across both sides of the aisle -- that the shrinking middle class isn't a red or blue problem.

Elizabeth Warren has what it takes to go all the way. It will be interesting how it plays out in the next few weeks; especially, in how she develops her message to help her own party's chances at the ballot box!

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