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In Unprecedented Move, Brown Orders CA to Cut Water Use by 25%

by Jane Susskind, published

California is now in its fourth year of a dire drought, with no sign of relief in the future. Almost the entire state - 98 percent - is suffering from the drought, in the form of strained drinking water, increased risks of fires, and little to no snowfall. 

“This historic drought demands unprecedented actions,” Governor Jerry Brown said on Wednesday.

"I'm issuing an executive order mandating substantial water reductions across our state. As Californians, we must pull together and save water in every way possible.” 

In this historic move, Governor Brown is requiring the State Water Resources Control Board to reduce the use of water by 25 percent. 

He has also ordered the removal of 50 million square feet of lawns in the state to be replaced with “drought-tolerant” landscapes. 

While Californians have expressed considerable concern with the short and long term impacts of the drought, whether or not they will be able to comply with the governor’s request to cut back on water use by 20 percent during the hot summer months remains to be seen. 

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