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American Reformation of 2016: Transforming Government Into A For-Profit Entity

Created: 12 January, 2015
Updated: 15 October, 2022
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I would like to propose a political movement titled the

American Reformation of 2016.

The Republican Party implemented a similar strategy in 1994 called the Contract With America. The success they achieved during that midterm election demonstrated the high level of frustration experienced by the U.S. electorate. Over the past 20 years, that frustration has greatly heightened, which may enable independents to step to the forefront of U.S. politics.

The movement’s platform would be directed toward the values of independent, Libertarian, conservative, tea party, and populist-minded voters. The primary plank in the platform would be the restructuring of the United States Constitution to reform:




Health Care

Political Parties

Campaign Financing

House and Senate Terms

Supreme Court Terms

Presidential Executive Orders

Congressional Bills

Control of the Military

Congressional Benefits

Internet Freedom



The U.S. economy is controlled by the actions of the Federal Reserve. The Fed is a privately-owned bank controlled by a cartel reinstated in 1913 by Woodrow Wilson. Over the past 100 years, the Fed has enslaved the western world with debt both private and public. Revoking the Federal Reserve’s charter as the U.S. Central Bank is the only viable solution for the creation and prolonged maintenance of a healthy free market economy.

There is political precedence for this action. In the 1832 presidential election, re-chartering the Second National Bank, the then U.S. central bank controlled by the same cartel, was the primary issue. Andrew Jackson won the election and terminated the cartel’s control.

Simply stated, the Fed would be required to take back, on its balance sheet, all the debt it created out of thin air. Bond/note holders would be repaid and the debtors would be forgiven their debts and given title to assets they were purchasing.

The U.S. Congress would amend the Constitution to include the establishment of a new U.S. Central Bank to be run on behalf of the best interests of We the People. A new currency backed by gold and silver, fundamentally sound-banking practices, and free market economy protections would be apart of the law.

Former Federal Reserve USD would be revalued and converted to the new currency. Revenues earned by the new central bank would be used to reduce federal income taxes.

The elimination of all Western World debt both private and sovereign for global stability is needed at this time.



Big government is a detriment to free market capitalism, which is what the U.S. government has become. At this time, greatly reducing the number of people employed by the US government is not realistic. Foreseeably reducing government employees in large numbers, in all likelihood, would be precipitated by a major collapse, which would not be in the best interests of many.

Therefore, restructuring the U.S. government from a wasteful and obstructive problem into a streamlined profit-producing entity may be a better solution.

The U.S. economy is based on capitalism. The U.S. government should be run in a similar manner. The transformation of government agencies (USA Inc.) should be headed by competent business leaders and allowed to compete, on a strictly level field, along side the private sector for profitable gain.

A financially profitable government could provide investors with safer investment vehicles. Investing in the profitability of an entity is more desirable than investing in the entity’s debt, a lesson the bondholders of GM learned the hard way.

A profitably-run U.S. government would eliminate the need for taxes.



Restricted access to education in the U.S. is a growing socioeconomic and criminal problem. If there are first world countries who educate their citizens for free, why are American colleges allowed to economically prohibit many and financially burden the rest -- in some cases for most of their adult lives?

The Internet provides convenient inexpensive access to knowledge. Part of USA Inc.’s business plan would create an online university whose credibility would be on par with any other respected school in the country. Courses could be streamlined to career field choices and eliminate the time and cost of (required) general education courses.

The greatest minds in world could be made conveniently and inexpensively available to everyone.


Health Care

USA Inc. would enter the for-profit health care market with the mandate to provide full affordable health care coverage. The U.S. government already has a presence here with military health care.

Here are five primary expenses facing today’s health care:



Revoking the charter of the Federal Reserve and beginning anew will eliminate this entire expense.


Malpractice Insurance

Doctors are given wide latitudes for the treatment of patients, which provide families of those killed by the mistakes of doctors little opportunity for compensation. Military health care does not include malpractice insurance costs. The need of this expense in private sector care, a benefit more for the interests of insurance companies and banks, is of little assistance for the consumer. Eliminate malpractice insurance.


Medicare And Medicaid Fraud

Medicare and Medicaid fraud is hard to track but some estimates report it to be close to $100 billion annually. Providing all Medicare and Medicaid patients with USA Inc. coverage and treatment should eliminate all fraud.


Pharmaceutical Costs

Part of USA Inc.’s business plan would include a pharmaceutical drug czar. The responsibility of this individual would be to negotiate low generic pricing on ALL viable drugs for all 320,000,000 people in the U.S.

USA Inc. would place a low mark-up on the drugs and provide them to both USA Inc. and private sector health care providers at the same reduced price. The benefit to the pharmaceutical companies is that USA Inc. would continue to purchase the drugs from the patent holder only, as long as the drug continued to be effective in disease treatment.

The benefit to the health care providers is greatly reduced legal drug costs at no competitive disadvantage. The benefit to the country is USA Inc.’s profit opportunity. The benefit to the patient will be affordable access to all quality-of-life-improving drugs.


Educational Costs

Revocation of the Federal Reserve charter will eliminate all debt, including student loans. Restructuring the U.S. government from a bureaucratic waste to a for-profit entity will reduce/eliminate income tax obligations. Freeing doctors, nurses and technical support of these financial burdens will allow for lower employee costs. The creation of a USA Inc. online university will provide future health care employees minimal educational costs, which should help perpetuate lower health care employee costs.


Strip these costs from U.S. health care and affordable care becomes a reality.


An integral part of USA Inc.’s health care coverage will help eliminate a major U.S./Global problem: Illegal Drug Trafficking. 

In the late 70s/early 80s, 60 Minutes did a segment on a health care clinic in England. The clinic provided illegal drug addicts with their fixes at no charge and in a clinical environment. One of the findings by 60 Minutes was that within an accessible radius of the clinic, illegal drug trafficking disappeared.

Where there was no profit there was no purpose. As a part of USA Inc.’s health care coverage, each hospital would provide similar treatment to U.S. drug addicts. The English result should be expected.


Free And Open Press

The ability to manipulate information for the purpose of swaying public opinion is a powerful tool for special interest groups. The confusion and distraction it creates places the American public at an extreme disadvantage. USA’s business plan would re-instate a free and open Press. Providing the American public with honest and reliable information will pressure our government officials to act responsibly, increase media following, and the advertising revenues that follow.


Editor's note: This article is part one of a two part series. Part 2 will discuss constitutional changes and the positive effect the American reformation of 2016 would have on everyday American problems.