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NJ Plaintiffs to Attorney General: Voting Rights Are Nonpartisan

by Shawn M. Griffiths, published

(Newark, N.J.) -- In July, New Jersey Attorney General John J. Hoffman filed a response in federal court on behalf of the state of New Jersey (including Governor Chris Christie and Secretary of State Kim Guadagno) to an opposition to the state's motion to dismiss a lawsuit defending the rights of voters. The lawsuit asserts that all voters have a fundamental right to equal and meaningful access to all integral stages of the electoral process.

In its response, the state argues that if voters want full participation in the voting process, they should join a political party.

On Tuesday, August 12, the plaintiffs filed a surreply to this argument, pointing out that the state is confusing the real issue at hand "by suggesting that there is an irreconcilable conflict between the individual right to cast a meaningful vote and the right of the Democratic and Republican parties to operate as private organizations."

The plaintiffs argue that, "undamental rights are, by nature, nonpartisan. More plainly, Defendant’s position on the fundamental nature of our electoral system is one that this Court, the State of New Jersey, and every voter in New Jersey should flatly reject: that our rights within the democratic process may be conditioned on membership in one of two private organizations which almost half of all voters have chosen not to associate with."

Read the plaintiffs' surreply:

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