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Don't Fall for the Scam

by Chad Peace, published

Someone I know got a call on her cellphone from a person who claimed to be from Verizon. The person claimed to be a representative of Verizon.

The caller asked her to "claim a $53 credit" from Verizon Wireless by logging into When a person goes to the website, it appears to be an official Verizon website.

When someone logs into the site, the website asks the user to give up private information, including their Verizon account number, their phone number, their pin, and the last 4 digits of their social security number.

This site has all the makings of a scam and mimics a popular one shut down in late 2013:

The parties involved in the scam are in violation of international, state, and federal laws.

We searched the registration information for the website. The website is registered in Panama. Other details are blocked by private registration protection provided by a private registration company,

Potential legal remedies that may be available to victims of the scam are currently under review. If you had your information compromised by this scam, email [email protected] for the latest information.


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