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America's Seesaw: Complacency vs. Excess

by Ronnie Gale Turbane, published

During my business career, I have worked as a college recruiter and an interviewer/hiring contact for both the sales and claims departments, at a global insurance company.

I have met, interviewed and hired literally thousands of unemployed people during my 30+ year career. They were “young and old.” They were “diverse” and “special needs." They were labeled as members of the “X-Y-Z & ME generations.” They came from high school, college, and trade centers. After 9/11 they lined up by the thousands at Madison Square Garden for a job fair.

There was ONE thing that each and every one of these job seekers had in common: they WANTED a job. They WANTED to work to attain a better quality of life for themselves and their families. They had pride. They were a segment of the American people who were driven, resourceful, and well-respected by interviewers and recruiters alike as they marched on endlessly looking for a job. When life gave them lemons they made lemonade. They were not content with their lives being stagnant and inactive. They were capable and creative and they would NOT give up!

Today, when I think about the countless numbers of Americans that are

unemployed, I am greatly saddened. I can foresee the complete disablement of our middle class in the near future. I know many of today’s jobless and recent graduates of higher schools of learning. They do NOT have a “fire in their belly.” Today, many people have become complacent and not only accept, but welcome welfare and food stamps.

From the “cradle to the grave,” they are willing to live their lives as recipients of what American politicians deem necessary for them to survive. Their numbers are growing and they are being classified as and being added to roles designated "America’s POOR."

I ask you, “how many of them drank the Jonestown punch?”

When I learned that people on welfare receive ATM cards and that they can use these cards to buy steak and lobster, liquor, or trade them in for cash, I lost my appetite. When was the last time YOU bought lobster as “take home” for dinner?

Then, you could easily call a friend and invite them to share this wonderful meal, courtesy of the U.S. government, on a FREE cellphone with FREE 250 monthly minutes included. Now I get it. I understand why one in ten Americans are on food stamps, rather than becoming an entrepreneur and following their own American Dream.

Maybe, just maybe, being complacent and NOT standing up to authority and NOT demanding that politicians focus on creating jobs, jobs, and more jobs for Americans, isn’t such a bad thing after all. It seems to me that being on welfare has now become the norm for many of the American people.

When inactivity becomes a habit, we become indoctrinated and programmed to beget the same condition to future generations. We would no longer be a “free-thinking” society. Our culture would then be a reflection of humanity as shown in Keanu Reeves' movie, “The Matrix”.

Recently, President Obama put out a call for “

all hands on deck” to assist the economy.  I find it quite troublesome to know that Michelle Obama, the First Lady of the United States, did not pick up her phone and answer his call.

It is a blatant insult to every homeless and unemployed American who struggles to make ends meet when Michelle Obama is traveling in excess -- on our dime! And, I might add, most Americans do NOT have a dime to spare.

Presidents and their families travel and travel they must. In 2013, the Obama trips to Africa cost over $111 million. The amount was estimated at $100 million for one trip and $11 million for another visit to Africa, which lasted less than 13 hours.

America is suffering through one the worst economic downturns in U.S. history while Michelle Obama, her mother, and her daughters are living the high life at the taxpayer’s expense. An example of Michelle Obama’s overindulgence is that she employs a staff of 24, including a hair dresser and make-up artist. This is the largest number of staff for a U.S. president’s wife on record. I, for one, would like to know how and where my tax dollars are being spent.

Only 2 out of 22 events on Michelle Obama’s calendar will give reporters a chance to hear her speak and then report to U.S. citizens. No reporters are allowed to travel with her.

The American people have been distracted by their own worries, misfortunes, and struggles while the first lady continues to drain our wallets with “smoke and mirrors.” Most Americans don’t see it coming... or her going.

To every job seeker I say, “send your resumes to the White House Travel Bureau; they are always hiring.”

Photo Credit: New York Times

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