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Confidence in Congress Continues to Drop

by Brian Iniguez, published

Four out of five Americans disapprove of Congress'  attempts at serving its nation, a recent study found. This year marks Americans' lowest confidence in Congress since 1973, which amounts to a 10 percent approval rating.

Partisan gridlock is the main culprit for this new low in congressional trust, with 28 percent agreeing that their approval rating was determined by this factor. The second reason given was "failure to accomplish anything or make decisions." At 21 percent of respondents, perception of the legislature as ineffectual comprises nearly half of voters.

Interestingly, one percent of those surveyed  attributed their disdain to Congress' lack of action on the economy. Yet, as a Gallup Poll shows, President Obama's economic approval rating is at 35 percent. The data hints at a willingness to blame the executive branch for the economy, rather than the legislative branch, which arguably has more influence when it comes to steering the economy.

Political trust has plummeted over the last decade and as a result implementing federal policies has become more difficult. Popular opinion continues to deteriorate yet it remains to be seen whether or not Washington D.C. will take these numbers to heart and substantively address the nation's looming policy challenges.


Credit: Online MPA Degrees

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