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Anthony Weiner refusing to quit NYC mayoral race.

by Thomas H. Manning, published

On Tuesday, July 23rd, 2013, New York City mayoral candidate, Anthony Weiner confirmed that he continued to engage in inappropriate sexting with a 22 year old college activist from Iowa. The college student, involved with progressive causes, Sydney Leathers, confirmed that she was the partner that Anthony Weiner joined in appropriate text messages and online conversations with the progressive activist.

In the press conference on Tuesday afternoon, he admitted that he was the man behind the screen name of Carlos Danger, the screen name behind all the attention and conversations that took place online. The website, , posted the new messages with Sydney Leathers, on July 22nd, 2013, which continued 2 years after the revelation of a sexting scandal while he was a representative in congress.

The first scandal which started in May 2011, with Anthony Weiner sending a waste down picture of himself to a 21 year old female college student in Seattle Washington. The response from Mr. Weiner was that his Facebook account was hacked and that the pictures that were sent to the college student in Seattle were not of him, however with increasing evidence and calls for him to explain  the actions on his account, he finally admitted that were sent under his account were of him and resigned from congress on June 16th, 2011.

After resigning from congress in June of 2011, he asked the people of New York for a second chance in politics and entered the 2013 New York City’s mayor’s race. A poll that was dated 7/18-7/23 a day before the new allegations were publicly released, had Anthony Weiner in the lead of a Democratic primary by a margin of 26- 22 (+4) over his closest challenger, Christine Quinn. However, with the release of the new poll which includes the date of the release of the new conversations, Christine Quinn has taken the lead over Anthony Weiner, by a margin of 23.5% to Wiener’s 21.8% (a +1 margin). The city’s democratic primary election does not take place until, Tuesday, September 10th.       

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