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No Labels Town Hall: What Would You #AskCongress?

by Jane Susskind, published


Today, the nonpartisan organization No Labels is launching No Labels Radio, kicking it off with the first of a monthly series of Twitter town halls. With Gov. Jon Huntsman and Sen. Joe Manchin hosting today's event, No Labels is asking Twitter users to submit their questions using the hashtag #AskCongress.

“The partnership between SiriusXM radio and No Labels is yet another important step in the process of broadening the national conversation around common sense solutions and problem solving,”  Huntsman stated in a SiriusXM press release. "I am proud to be a part of this new venture.”

Senator Joe Manchin, Democrat, said "SiriusXM's No Labels Radio will give Americans the opportunity to hear just the facts from our elected officials."

Tune in at 11am PT, 2pm ET on the satellite radio network’s “P.O.T.U.S.” or follow the conversation below:

Tweets about "#askcongress"


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