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Bill Clinton's Twitter Takes a More Serious Tone

by Jane Susskind, published

In what started as a joke, President Bill Clinton is now officially on Twitter and has been tweeting regularly since he verified his account as @BillClinton.

In the beginning of April, he joined the Twittersphere with the help of comedian Stephen Colbert, who initially set him up on the social media account as @PrezBillyJeff.

"I've been planning to start my Twitter page for quite awhile, but now that you've primed the pump, I'm really ready to go," Bil Clinton told Colbert in April.

His first tweet, sent in an April episode of the Colbert Report:

Since then, he's taken on a more presidential tone, sharing his thoughts and experiences with his over 500,000 Twitter followers:

What do you prefer, @PrezBillyJeff or @BillClinton?

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