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Inforgraphic Examines, Compares Cost of Bachelor's Degrees

by Ian Dawes, published

With the ever rising costs of tuition in the United States, how do we rank globally? While the costs of attending a public university, on average, is just over $7k, the elitism of attending private universities in this country has its price, at almost four times the cost.

Where can you get a decent education and not worry about exorbitant fees? Germany, Italy, and Mexico are among the most affordable countries at around one thousand dollars or less a year.

What is the most expensive bachelor's degree in the United States, with the least amount of paying jobs? The answer may not be easy to guess. A degree in Art Therapy from the School of Visual Arts in New York City costs over $30,000 annually, but will only earn you an average salary of about $25k per year.

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